2017: Year of Technical Debt Remediation

Over the holidays at the end of 2016 I looked back over the catalog of mobile apps that I developed and made the decision to spend some time bringing old apps up to date.  For some of them, the platform I used for development had changed a lot since the app was last recompiled, including the discontinuation of some plugins that were being used.  For others, they were missing screenshots for the new iPads, and it was only a matter of time before Apple’s quality assurance program caught up with them.

The first apps to benefit from updating are Spiky Swim and MMXLVIII.  These apps both used the old Corona SDK AdMob ad plugin and needed to be updated in order to keep serving ads.  So with Spiky Swim I pushed out a new feature, and with MMXLVII I gave players 3 extra bombs – both incentive for people to update their apps.

The rest of the apps will be updated as time allows.  It feels good to update the apps and make sure that they’re all still working for users on their current devices.