Relearning Game Development

I first started programming in 1983 (read about my programming history here).  I don’t remember what I programmed on the Ti-99/4a, but I do remember one of my first programs on the VIC-20 was flying birds program, straight from the book that came with it:vic_20_flying_birdsIt wasn’t long after that when I started making games.  Sadly, none of them have survived my various moves across the country, however my friends still remember playing the games that I made – they were pretty fun for the time.

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Area of Latitude/Longitude Rectangle using PHP

I went searching for how to calculate the area of a rectangle* on the surface of the earth using PHP and didn’t find one online.  Someone probably has one somewhere, but it was just as fast for me to adapt one as it was to continue searching, so here it is.  Enjoy.

This code is also available on GitHub if you prefer:

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