Importing Photos Into Windows 8

Microsoft changed the default photo importer in Windows 8, and I don’t like the new one.  It’s tied into the new Photos app, and it tries to make things easy – unfortunately, it also removes some important options.

To restore the previous behaviour and get the Windows 7 import options back, do the following steps:

  • Go to the Windows 8 start menu and type: cmd
  • When the app with the black box icon comes up, right-click it and select “Run as Administrator”


  • In the command prompt window, type:
    cd “C:\Program Files\Windows Photo Viewer”
  • Press enter
  • Type: regsvr32 PhotoAcq.dll
  • Press enter
  • Type: regsvr32 PhotoViewer.dll
  • Press enter

Close the command prompt window.  Now when you connect your camera, you should have a new option “Import pictures and videos (Windows)” Select that one.  Then when you see this dialog box, select “more options”:


That will bring up the settings window as desired:

windows8import_2 If nothing happened, or if the wrong program started when the camera was connected to the computer, then you will need to go into the Control Panel and change the autoplay settings for that device.