Move Twitter Content Pane Left

I have been using Twitter for a while, and each time they change their site design it takes a bit of time to get used to it again. However, one of their major changes didn’t sit well with me; I don’t like the content pane on the right. Here’s a way to move it back to the left…

(Originally published sept 2012; Last updated Feb 2014)

Note that this user script only works in Chrome. I tried it in Firefox with Greasemonkey installed, but it didn’t work and I didn’t take any time to debug it since I use Chrome. So, if you want to use this script, try it in Chrome.


(This script has been removed since it no longer works)

After you save the file, open Chrome and click the Window menu, and open Extensions.  Then drag and drop that file onto the extensions window.  You should see a dialog “drop to install”. After dropping, another dialog will pop up asking if you really want to install the extension, and you need to click the “Add” button.  Now reload the Twitter web site.

If you want to disable or remove it in the future, just go to your extensions menu and find TwitLeft, and click remove.