About Us

Prairie West Software started in 1998 as a web hosting provider and small internet service provider. We had a small number of dial-up clients and separate phone lines coming into our Red Hat linux server and modem pool that would allow people to access the Internet before high speed access was generally available. We also hosted fax-out and fax-in solutions for our corporate clients.

As technology improved and more people obtained Internet access through the larger providers, we got out of the small ISP business, and into application development. A number of small contracts from clients around the world were executed, with a few staff coming and going as our business rose and then again fell. With the globalization of services, we found that our competition from other countries was growing, and it was getting harder to land lucrative contracts.

Now, we're moving into mobile application development. An exiciting new world of opportunity awaits as more and more people are buying smart phones, and are seeing a new way to access services. If you are interested in having your own mobile application developed, please contact us!